giovedì 28 giugno 2007


the zodiaco represents a cycle complete for excellence and such reason j'aime to observe the sky. The circle is divided in the number of 12parti and 4 d'eux they marks times of the solar race. Equinoxes and solstizi separate the seasons, therefore they divide into equal parts of 90° the circle zodiacale. The aspects, in astrological terms, refer at the distance between two planets. The distance from 60° represents l' ; harmonize as the distance from 120° in trigono. In conflict they are the distance from 90° like l' ; opposition of 180°. The seniors divide the zodiaco into 36 parts. Each senior includes/understands of them ten and thus one counts three for mark of them. Each person to obtain fortune should know her senior and this one obtains giorno of birth, and thus to play in the giorno and the month of birth wants to say FORTUNE ARRIVES of the SKY. BY NUMERIS TITANUS